• Singing in Harmony

    Singing in Harmony workshops consist of warm-ups, simple songs that bring instant rewards and also more complex pieces in several parts that offer the opportunity for a challenge. From golden oldies to originals, Faith chooses a stimulating cocktail of songs, including international folk, jazz standards, soul and freedom songs, to inspire people of different abilities and tastes. You'll be singing all the way home.

    "Boy was that a good sing - from start to finish"

    "A wonderful range of material and lots of opportunities to try different styles and different parts - I felt like I spent the day just playing"

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  • Jazz and Swing Harmonies

    Jazz and swing harmonies are inspired by the complex, close harmonies found in British and American popular songs from the 1920s to 40s. These workshops may include standards from this period, original songs, and unexpected songs that have been given the jazz or swing treatment. Some of the melodies may be familiar and therefore fairly quick to pick up, but the harmony parts tend to take longer to learn and can offer a challenge even to experienced acapella singers. This means we will cover fewer songs than in the other types of workshop.

    "The harmonies were delicious"

    "The songs were great - challenging in both rhythm and harmony. The teaching was enlightening, enjoyable and truly effective"

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  • Relatively Harmonious

    An exhilarating day of acapella singing for anyone who wants to sing - whether you think you can or not! This workshop will focus on short, quick-to-learn songs for instant rewards and maximum fun. Perfect for first-timers to dip your toes into the warm, soothing water of harmony singing and a great opportunity for experienced singers just to float along on! If there's a short, easy song you've sung with me before that you would like to sing again, please put in a request beforehand or on the day. Whether you come along with a friend, a relative or on your own, this is an opportunity just to sing your socks off!

    "a tonic - should be available on NHS prescription"

    "no pressure to be a great singer and yet we sounded gorgeous"

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  • Singing Together Freestyle

    These ‘freestyle’ workshops are all about enjoying the freedom and spontaneity of creating group sounds ‘in the moment’. Instead of learning songs which have already been arranged in harmony, you’ll be guided through a variety of exercises with simple tips and techniques to help you make up your own notes and rhythms. The emphasis is always on creating a group sound so, although you can choose what you sing, you don’t have to have lots of ideas and you won’t have to sing on your own - you’ll all be listening to each other and responding to the sounds you hear. At the beginning of the day, you’ll follow strict guidelines and there will be limitations on what you’re ‘allowed’ to sing; by the end of the day, you’ll have the opportunity to sing freely, yet always as part of a group. These workshops make improvisation un-scary and accessible; you don’t have to be born with a particular talent. Expect to be moved, surprised and delighted… and to have a lot of fun! Max 25 people.

    "It was the best and most enjoyable singing workshop I've ever attended"
    "I felt energised and relaxed at the same time"

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