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There are so many people to thank, that it’s going to take me a while to add them all to this page, so this is work in progress. Keep checking in to see this page get fuller and fuller!!

In the meantime, at the bottom is the Thank You song to all the Crowdfunder supporters from Clare Elleray-Mee and me, with help from my fellow Lovenotes: Katherine Watson, Rose Hodgson and Jules Gibb.


I’ve been trying to create teaching materials of my songs and arrangements for years but it was only when I approached Alan at Airtight Studios that the project finally felt ‘doable’. I’d met Alan when recording CDs with The Lovenotes and, as soon as I mentioned my idea for creating these teaching resources, Alan’s clear, practical response made me feel this was something I could finally attempt!

I recorded the first few songs with Alan… then he decided to go off travelling around the world in a van! Fortunately, his van was equiped with a full sound editing suite so he was able to continue editing my songs wherever he was – lucky Alan!!

After a brief visit back to England (with me packing in as many recording days as I could), Alan emmigrated to Italy (gorgeous!) from where he continues to edit and master my recordings, create all the different audio mixes and scores and advise me on many technical and musical questions.

This photo was taken at Airtight studios, before Alan rudely took off.


Joe stepped up to carry on with the recordings once Alan left. Fortunately, we’ve been able to carry on throughout much (though not all) of the pandemic, as Joe’s in one studio, editing, while I record in the room nextdoor.

Over the months, he’s learnt many of my singing foibles… the fact that I can’t sing the word ‘and’ in tune, being particularly significant in ‘Winter Wonderland‘!!! He does the initial tidying up of tuning and rhythm (oh, did you think that what you hear is exactly what I sang?? I wish!!) then it all gets sent off to Alan in Italy.


It’s one thing having an idea… it’s another thing making it happen!!! Once I’d decided I wanted Alan  to help me with the songs and Design by Day to create a new website, I needed funding. To cut a long story short, I applied for Arts Council funding and was rejected a couple of weeks before the first lockdown. When Clare contacted me soon afterwards to ask how I was managing in lockdown… she received a long and sad answer!!

A few days later she approached me with the idea of crowdfunding and, much more significantly, she offered to help me do a Crowdfunder appeal… and then she delivered on that offer!!! You can still look at the Crowdfunder Appeal page and you can watch the video of Clare’s and my story of doing the appeal.

Clare’s continued to support me throughout the (often challenging) process of creating the website and the song teaching materials and I’m finding it very hard to put into words just how grateful I am to her! …but I’m sure we’re going to carry on having regular chats on the phone (and hopefully meeting up in person again soon!) for a very long time!!

This is Clare (on the right) with her lovely singing group: Pandora’s Handbag during a Covid-safe meet up (check out the clothes colour co-ordination!).

Blue Mood!