Songs & Arrangements

Browse through the songs & arrangments below to find something to suit your group; from simple songs, to get everyone singing confidently in minutes, to more substantial songs & arrangments, which can be built up over several sessions. Use the filters & listen to the extracts to help you choose... and download 'Joy and Harmony' FREE to see exactly what the Teaching Pack includes. Members of the NATURAL VOICE NETWORK - contact Faith to ask for your 25% discount voucher. Happy browsing!

The price of each song includes: Audio files: Full Mix of all parts & 2 versions of each separate part: Isolated & Highlighted; Score: though you don’t have to use this to learn or teach the songs; Information Sheet: including song words, background information, teaching / learning notes & permission to use the song / arrangement.

Download  Joy and Harmony FREE to see exactly what you get.

NVN members: email Faith to ask for your own 25% discount code for all Songs and Arrangements.