17 years on, and we're not quite as shy!

This is a friendly and informal weekly group. Just like Manchester Larks, we sing a variety of songs, including some from the standard acapella repertoire, original songs and arrangements, jazz, soul, folk, pop, songs from around the world… whatever takes our fancy. We’re not a performance group, but we occasionally find ourselves getting together with other singing groups for a joint sing, supporting a local event or singing under the tree outside at Christmas. New members are welcome at any time. No experience is necessary and you don’t need to be able to read music.

This group, that has been going since 2007, is run by a committee at St John’s Centre rather than by Singing for Larks, and it is led by Faith and a Teaching Team made up of members of the group. The Teaching Team is open to any regular member of Shylarks; no previous experience of teaching songs is required and team members get as involved as they feel able, from supporting another leader within a song, to teaching one part of a song, to teaching whole songs in several parts and leading whole sessions. Training and support is given, as required, at separate weekly Teaching Team sessions.


When: Wednesdays, 7.30 – 9.30pm

Dates: Summer Term 2024 starts on 17th April and finishes on 17th July. There will be a half term break on 29th May, so that’s 13 sessions in total.

Location: St John’s Centre, St John’s Road, Old Trafford M16 7GX.  This is an excellent community centre, serving the diverse local community. There’s plenty of parking on the streets around the centre. This is an accessible venue.

Price: Suggested fee: anything from £5 to £10 (Choose the rate that reflects your income and if you don’t feel able to pay the lowest rate, please come anyway, you will be most welcome)

Payment: You can pay online for a term (usually 10 – 13 sessions) or several weeks at a time, however, as this group is run by a committee at St John’s, rather than Singing for Larks, you need to pay into a different bank account. The group is in the process of changing their bank account, so email:  for the current bank details.

You can, of course, pay by cash each week if you prefer.

You’re welcome just to turn up any Wednesday evening that we’re meeting. If you have any questions, just email us:

“I love having the opportunity to sing regularly, get to know some really friendly people and hear the songs develop, but life is busy so what’s even better about this group is that nobody minds if you don’t turn up every week – it’s the perfect combination!”