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Covid 2022

Singing for Larks is aiming to run a full programme of Full-Day, Half-Day and Residential workshops this year, in the hope that the Covid situation will become much easier.

We are, once again, in the confusing situation of having high numbers of people with Covid and no government restrictions. Thankfully fewer people are becoming seriously ill if they catch Covid, but it leaves individuals in the position of having to decide for themselves what feels safe and not.

To help you decide whether you feel able to come to a Singing for Larks workshop, this is how we’re curently approaching Covid at the one-off sessions and at Manchester Larks and Shylarks:

  • All workshops are back to their usual length.
  • There are no extra limits on numbers attending (i.e. they’re as they were pre-Covid).
  • We’re opening as many doors and windows as we can, so bring plenty of extra layers!
  • We’re leaving bigger spaces between chairs in the singing circle than pre-Covid.
  • You’re not required to wear a mask at anytime (though of course, you may choose to), but we do ask that you leave more space than previously between people when moving around, including when changing parts.
  • We’re not currently encouraging people to move around while singing, though you’re welcome at anytime to go into the middle of the circle just to listen.
  • We want to encourage a situation where it feels comfortable to ask for more space if you need it, so please be clear about what you want and try to keep aware of what other people are asking for.
  • Refreshments will be available (as pre-Covid) but feel free to bring your own if that feels more comfortable.
  • You’re invited to bring food to share on the one-day workshops (as pre-Covid) but again, it’s fine if you prefer to bring your own and not share.
  • Hand sanitiser and cleaning spray is still available
  • Please don’t attend if you test positive for Covid, have any Covid symptoms or feel unwell.
  • If you get Covid within 5 days after a session, let me know so I can warn those who attended

Updated: 7th July 2022