Bank details for paying by Bank Transfer or Cheque:

NB. If you pay the simplest way (via the website, you don’t need these details).

I’m now operating as a Sole Trader again and the official business name is: Faith Watson Singing for Larks


Account Type:     Business

Account Name:   Faith Watson

Account No:        63152872

Sort Code:           08-92-50

Bank:                    The Co-operative Bank

Reference:           Use your name and, if relevant, your order number, as the reference

For International transfers only:

International Bank Account number(IBAN):  GB19CPBK08925063152872

Bank Identifier Code(BIC): CPBKGB22



Make cheques payable to: Faith Watson (Singing for Larks)

Send Cheques to: 12 Lindow Road, Manchester, M16 0DP