Ancient Mother

  • Number of parts: 3 to 6
  • Difficulty: Quite Easy
A short, gentle song to Mother Earth with 3 main parts and 3 optional extras.


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This short song has a tune and two harmonies (one higher and one lower) that have the same rhythm. There are 3 more parts that can be added, but none of them are very complicated, so I’ve categorised the song as: QUITE EASY

The song may be a Navajo chant, but I can’t confirm this. I came across the melody in the 1980s, on a CD by the women’s international music and dance group, Libana. Initially I added the two harmonies that are roughly parallel to the tune (one higher and one lower) and I still mostly teach the song in just these 3 parts, as a fairly quick one to learn. I added two echoes and a drone sometime later, for those times when it feels good to develop the song further.

I’ve always assumed that the words are about Mother Earth, but people have various interpretations and, whoever you’re singing to, be warned, this song comes with a high ‘tear-jerker’ rating!