And When I Rise

  • Number of parts: 3 or 6
  • Difficulty: Easy & Quick
A beautiful melody by Wendy Tuck, using meditative and uplifting words from a poem by Wendell Berry, arranged in 3 parts, with 3 optional extra parts.


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This is essentially a 3-part song, with some optional echoes in the last verse. The echoes are less intuitive and introduce some different rhythms and clashes, so they take longer to learn, but the basic 3-part song is straightforward, and I’ve categorised it as: EASY AND QUICK.

Wendy Tuck’s song was first published in: From A Basket of Plums Songbook: Music in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh (2009, 2013). She has talked of her joy that her song has spread from the intentional community that she lived in (in Spencer, West Virginia), through the wider peace community and beyond.

There are, I believe, many verses to this song. I just learnt the first 2 from a singer, Frank, on one of those lovely, informal, song-sharing evenings, and I have added 2 of my own as well as the harmonies.