Back on Track

  • Number of parts: 3
  • Difficulty: Quite Easy
A short song celebrating getting ‘back on track’ after being lost in one way or another.


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This song has a main melody & two, mostly lower, harmonies. Some groups might learn this song very quickly but, because the two harmonies have a different rhythm to the main melody, I’ve categorised it as: Quite Easy.

In 2017 I did a project with the Manchester-based charity: Back on Track, which works with people who are going through rehabilitation or recovery, having been through problems with homelessness, mental health, drugs & alcohol or offending. As part of their 40th anniversary celebrations, we created a choir, made up of service users, staff & volunteers. We met over a number of weeks at their offices in central Manchester & every week I got lost at least once on my way there, finding myself cycling into dead-ends & utterly bemused by the one-way systems. This song represents the struggles we have on our journeys in & through life: big, small, actual & metaphorical!

Here are members of my 2 regular groups singing Back on Track at the Street Choirs Festival in Manchester in 2019: