Back Together

  • Number of parts: 4
  • Difficulty: Quite Easy
A celebration of being able to sing together again after a long break!! Written because of the Covid 19 pandemic… but suitable for any return to singing.


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This song has four parts. Each individual part is repetitive and fairly easy to learn, but the song needs a little time for singers to get confident with the rhythms in particular. You don’t have to sing all the parts, so I’ve categorised the overall song as: quite easy

I wasn’t one of those people who spent the Covid 19 pandemic being creative and productive… far from it! I just felt utterly un-motivated and I couldn’t even listen to music, it made me feel too sad that I didn’t have my friends and groups to sing with! However, when I began to feel hopeful that we would soon be able to meet and sing together in person again, I found myself listening to Miriam Makeba’s song: Pata Pata. The relaxed rhythms and joyful spirit of her song inspired me to create my own celebration of getting back together to sing in groups… and what a relief that was! I never want to lose it again!