Cheek to Cheek

  • Number of parts: 4
  • Difficulty: Some Challenges
A rhythmical & varied arrangement of this Irving Berlin classic.


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This song has 3 contrasting sections, each with a different type of harmony arrangement. There are some clashes & off-beat rhythms and some more straightforward harmonies, so I’ve described this arrangement as having Some Challenges.

Irving Berlin wrote this song especially for Fred Astaire to sing (& then, with Ginger Rogers, to dance to) in the film, Top Hat. The contrasting sections of the fabulous melody allow Fred & Ginger to showcase a range of their amazing dancing skills & I’ve tried to give singers the chance to explore their versatility in the harmonies of the 3 different sections too. Overall, though, I’m keen to reflect Fred Astaire’s wonderfully relaxed, playful & conversational style of singing. Oh, to be able to sing & dance like Fred!