Gotta Move On / Slow Down

  • Number of parts: 3 or 6
  • Difficulty: Quite Easy
This flexible song can be adapted to fit into any workshop & used to energise or relax a group.


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This song has two short, contrasting sections, both in 3 voice parts. The two sections can be sung separately or combined, even if the group stays in 3 voice parts. If you prefer, you can combine them by splitting into 6 parts. The second section on its own is very easy & quick, but the first takes a little longer so I’ve categorised the whole song as: Quite Easy.

It’s always hard getting the timetabling right when planning a workshop. No matter how familiar I am with the songs I’m teaching, there will always be times when it takes longer, or less time, than I expect. This song can be adapted to fit the time available, the size & ability of a group or the energy level in a session. It’s one of a handful of songs that I’ve written specifically with that kind of flexibility in mind.