I Like It

  • Number of parts: 3 or 6
  • Difficulty: Easy & Quick
2 short, easy and upbeat versions of a song that can be taught separately in minutes or combined to create something a bit meatier.


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This piece contains two different songs, each in 3-part harmony. Both songs have similar words and use mostly the same sets of notes, but the rhythms are different. They can be sung as 2 separate 3-part songs, or combined and sung as one 6-part song. You can take time playing with various combinations of the voice parts, but the parts themselves are pretty straightforward, so I’ve categorised the song as Quick and Easy.

It’s always hard getting the timetabling right when planning a workshop. No matter how familiar I am with the songs I’m teaching, there will always be times when it takes longer, or less time, than I expect. This song can be adapted to fit the time available or respond to the energy level of a group and it’s one of a handful of songs that I’ve written with that kind of flexibility in mind.