Joy and Harmony

  • Number of parts: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy & Quick
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Each of the 4 voice parts in this layered song has just one short, repeated phrase, which has a different rhythm from the others, as well as different notes. The parts can all be sung at the same time or in various groupings, & the sound changes with each combination. Although there are a couple of clashes and cross rhythms, each voice part is fairly straightforward, so I’ve categorised this song as: Easy and Quick.

I wrote this song as a celebration of the many and varied spaces we find ourselves singing in, some of which are gorgeous (temples, galleries, caves…) and some that have challenges (rooms with fixed seating, busy town centres, next to a barrel organ convention…). I originally called the song: This Room, and you can find it under that title in the Natural Voice Network’s songbook: To Grace the Earth. When someone else referred to the song as Joy and Harmony, I realised that this was a much better title and it works for celebrating events, new groups… in fact, with a little adaptation, just about anything you like!