Kunnes Taas Tapaamme / Until We Meet Again

  • Number of parts: 3
  • Difficulty: Quite Easy
A short song in Finnish & English, wishing Joy, Health & Peace.


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This song has two short, repetitive sections: one in Finnish, in three part harmony; the other in English, a melody which can be sung in unison & as a round. The 2 sections can be taught as separate songs or joined to make one longer song. While it can take groups a little time to get used to the Finnish words & some of the harmonies, they’re not very complex, so I’ve categorised this song as Quite Easy.

I have led a short harmony singing course at the Helsinki Summer University every year from 2004 – 2019. The course is taught in English, so this was my attempt to give the students a break from translating. Over the years, the song has proved popular with singers in the U.K. too and it works particularly well at the end of a workshop or event.