Sometimes Everything Goes Right

  • Number of parts: 5
  • Difficulty: Easy & Quick
A short, layered song that looks on the bright side of life! Each part has just one repeated line.


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Each of the 5 voice parts in this layered song has just one short, repeated phrase, which has a different rhythm from the others, as well as different notes. The parts can all be sung at the same time or in various groupings, and the sound changes with each combination. There are some clashes and cross rhythms, which both singers and leaders may need a few goes at, but with such short lines (and you don’t have to sing them all) I’ve categorised this song as Easy & Quick.

I wrote this song when members of one of my regular groups started asking if I was OK “because you’ve been teaching us such depressing songs recently”. This was my attempt to come up with something optimistic and upbeat!