These Foolish Things

  • Number of parts: 4 or 5
  • Difficulty: Challenging
A classic song and a schmaltzy arrangement with a slow swing. Go for the challenge of the full song or pick an easier option for quicker rewards.


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This arrangement has the melody supported by 3 or 4 rhythmical harmonies. The song has 2 different sections, the ‘B’ sections being significantly more difficult, with complex changes of key. Because of this, I’ve categorised this arrangement as: Challenging but it’s possible to choose an easier option by concentrating on the ‘A’ sections only. You can also choose to sing this with or without the 5th Voice Part, which comes in after about 40 seconds on this snippet.

The song was only a modest success when it was introduced in the 1936 British musical comedy: “Spread it Abroad”, but that summer, 5 recordings of the song reached the top 20 in the U.S. charts. It has been recorded countless times since and the words lend themselves beautifully to being ‘played with’, either seriously or as a spoof.