What is This Thing Called Love?

  • Number of parts: 4
  • Difficulty: Moderate
A well-loved Cole Porter chorus – short, sweet and full of rhythm!


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This song has four parts: the main melody and 3, mostly rhythmical, harmonies. Each individual part is quite easy to learn, but the clever melody forces some unexpected movements in some parts and it can take some groups a bit of practice to make the contrasting rhythms blend together so, on balance, I’ve categorised this song as Moderate.

The song was first performed in 1929 and has remained one of Cole Porter’s most played tunes, especially as an instrumental, and he claimed that, with its alternating major and minor key changes, it was inspired by a Moroccan native dance.

My arrangement only includes the, more well-known, chorus, so it’s much shorter than many of my other Jazz / Swing arrangements, making it useful for shorter workshops or less-confident groups.