You Send Me

  • Number of parts: 4
  • Difficulty: Some Challenges
A soul classic by a soul legend, with harmonies to get straight to the… soul!


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In this 4-part arrangement, the melody moves between Voice 3 and Voice 4. Voices 1, 2 and 4 have some “oohs”, but most of the time, all 4 parts are singing the words, sometimes in the same rhythm as each other and sometimes not. Although none of the parts are particularly complex, it can take a while for groups to get used to some of the rhythms, and to get confident with the tuning, as there are quite a few clashes. So, although some groups may learn this quite quickly, I have categorised it as having: Some Challenges.

You Send Me was Sam Cooke’s first hit single. In his short life, he became one of the most influential soul artists and was known for his natural and effortless singing style. He sang this song much faster than I’ve recorded it and his delivery gives it a light, joyful feel. When I arranged the song, I found myself lingering on every clashing harmony and going for unrestrained slushy romance! Most groups enjoy squeezing out every ounce of emotion as they sing this song… but it can, of course, be sung quicker, lighter, and with tongue firmly in cheek (quite a challenge when you’re singing!).