Singing Together Freestyle

“It was the best and most enjoyable singing workshop I’ve ever attended”

“I felt energised and relaxed at the same time”

Singing Together Freestyle workshops are all about enjoying the freedom and spontaneity of creating amazing group sounds on the spot. Instead of learning songs which have already been arranged in harmony, you’ll be guided through a variety of simple tips and techniques to help you make up your own notes and rhythms as you go along.

This workshop is not about creating spontaneous harmonies to existing songs. Instead, we’ll play with a whole host of musical ideas, each with a different focus: rhythm, notes, words, theme… Some will be based around a short musical phrase or riff and some will be more free and open to whatever happens on the day.

The emphasis is always on creating a group sound, so everyone will be working together; you won’t have to sing on your own and you don’t have to have lots of ideas! These workshops make improvisation un-scary and accessible – you don’t have to be born with a particular talent. Expect to be moved, surprised and delighted… and to have a lot of fun!

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